♡ It's like a movie that you have already watched over and over again. You already know the ending, but you still gets surprise. ♡

"Taylor Swift may not be a pop artist forever, or even for very long; perhaps later in her career, she’ll return to country music with open arms. I wouldn’t be shocked if she made an acoustic album someday. However, this is where she is right now — holding oversized boom boxes in gaudy music videos, jiving with Max Martin in the studio, flipping off the naysayers who don’t think she can make spectacular pop music. She can, and she will. The rest of us will just have to get used to it." — Billboard (x)



our job as a fan is to support them not control their life

this is so fucking important

"I’ve had every part of my life dissected — my choices, my actions, my words, my body, my style, my music. When you live your life under that kind of scrutiny, you can either let it break you, or you can get really good at dodging punches. And when one lands, you know how to deal with it. And I guess the way that I deal with it is to shake it off." — Taylor Swift tells Rolling Stone about ‘Shake it off’ (x)

It’s like I got this music in my mind sayin’ it’s gonna be alright 

Oh, Taylor